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Welcome to Ventus Network

Welcome to the donation page for The Ventus Network! 

Any and all donations will be used directly for the server and its costs. This means that every single penny that we receive is put back into the network and used to maintain the servers, upgrade them, and improve them the best we can with the funds we have. 

If you wish to donate but do not have a PayPal, we have a separate link for credit cards and PaySafe cards. If you would like the link please contact an admin through our official Discord, or email us at theventusnetwork@gmail.com

Refund Policy

We have a no refund policy. This means that we do not allow people to request refunds for their donations. This also includes requesting it directly through PayPal, VIA filing a dispute for a payment. If you are found to be attempting to refund a payment, you may be subject to a ban from the network, including all its servers, and the official Discord. There are only 2 reasons for which we will issue/allow a refund: 

1. If the payment was either made by accident/without your parent(s)/guardian(s) permission. In this case we will remove any donation perks and issue a refund as soon as possible (within 2-4 business days)

 2. If it's found out that the payment was made using fraudulent measures. In this case, we not only will remove any donation perks you received, but you may be subject from a ban from the network. 

We thank you all in advanced for any donations you make during the time you spend within our network, and we are truly grateful for anything you can donate to help us out! 

If you have any suggestions for donation options we should add to the store, please feel free to either suggest them in our official Discord, or email us directly using the email mentioned above.

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